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End-of Lease Toilet Cleaning

Are you preparing to move out of your rental property? While packing boxes, changing addresses and arranging removalists can keep you busy in the weeks before departure, don’t forget that an important part of ending your lease is making sure the property is left sparkly clean – particularly when it comes to paying attention to all those tricky nooks and crannies such as toilets. Here we offer helpful advice on how best to approach end-of-lease toilet cleaning so that you can make a good impression (and perhaps even get your bond back!) before handing the keys over at the end of the lease.

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Not your ordinary clean

A bit of toilet cleaner and a toilet brush might be enough to pass for the everyday clean, but it just won't hack it when it comes to the end of your lease. You will be in for even more work if you have neglected your toilet. Don't be surprised about what you might find once you remove the toilet seat!

Cleaning Tips

Follow these four tips for the best way to get the toilet in optimal condition for an end of lease property inspection and ensure you attain the maximum bond return.

  • Start by removing any toilet seat attachments, brushes or mats near the toilet before scrubbing it down.

  • A toilet cleaner with disinfectant properties is essential to eliminate all kinds of germs and bacteria.

  • Make sure to use enough cleaner and brush down every inch of the toilet, including hard-to-reach areas such as around the flush rim.

  • Once finished, be sure to leave enough time for the toilet cleaner product to do its job before you rinse off with water.

Urine Build Up

Urine build-up in toilet bowls can prove to be both a nuisance and a cause of damage. It is caused by urine becoming trapped under toilet rims and surfaces, meaning it cannot escape through regular flushing. This results in an unpleasant odour and the potential for more serious damage to occur in your toilet over time, such as corrosion and blockages. Regular cleaning of your toilet is the best way to avoid staining, limescale and bacteria buildup associated with urine residue, ensuring the longevity of your toilet's condition. In the pictures above, you can see some hefty urine build-up. What do we use to clean it? An acidic descaler and A LOT of scrubbing.


Cleaning your toilet is an important part of the overall bond cleaning process. While it may not seem like much, getting the job done properly will make all the difference in securing your bond back. The secret is to deep clean – taking off toilet seats and using industrial strength cleaner to really ensure that everything is spotlessly clean. If you are stuck on how to get this job done right, get in touch with Pure Eco Clean today. Our experienced bond cleaning team eliminate the stress of moving out of your rented property, so you can rest easy knowing that your property will pass inspection with flying colours. Contact us now and let our experts do all the hard work for you.

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