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Regular Clean VS Bond Clean: Why is my Bond Clean so Expensive?

So, you’ve received some quotes for your bond clean. And you are wondering why bond cleaning is so much more expensive than regular cleaning? We get it; it's like when the price for something more than triples when you mention something is for a 'wedding'.  And you are left wondering exactly why. While we can't answer the wedding question, we can explain quite nicely why a bond clean is more expensive than a regular clean! 

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The Depth and Detail of the Clean

When you hire a cleaner for regular cleaning, they conduct routine house cleaning tasks, such as wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning kitchen appliances.

When conducting a bond clean, your cleaner performs the cleaning according to the REIQ-approved (Real Estate Institute of Queensland) checklist, and every inch of your house will be cleaned. This includes cupboards, skirtings, windows, ceiling fans, and the list goes on. 

Time Investment

Time is a huge factor in the cost of cleaning services. While it may only take a few hours for your cleaner to have your house looking sparkling from the surface level, It can take an entire day (or more) to clean a house from top to toe. This is because areas often ignored during regular cleans, like fans, ovens, and windows, require detailed attention during a bond clean. 

Equipment and products used 

The disparity in price also comes down to the equipment and cleaning products used. Bond cleaning often requires specialised, professional-grade equipment to tackle tough stains and built-up grime – equipment that goes beyond the scope of regular household cleaning. Additionally, the cleaning products used in bond cleans are typically of a higher quality and effectiveness, designed to deal with more challenging cleaning tasks.

What's on the line

While a regular clean only has to satisfy you, the occupant, a bond clean has to pass the critical eyes of property managers and landlords. A bond clean is about getting the house back up to the standard. It's about ensuring that the property is in a condition that secures the return of your bond – which often involves adhering to strict standards set by real estate agencies or landlords. This level of scrutiny requires a higher standard of cleaning, which naturally incurs a higher cost.

Yes, a bond clean will cost you more than a regular clean. While bond cleaning is undoubtedly more expensive than routine cleaning, the reasons are clear and justified. The depth of cleaning, time investment, specialised equipment and products, and the high stakes involved all contribute to the cost. Understanding these factors can help you appreciate the value of a bond clean and why it's a crucial investment, especially when aiming to secure your bond at the end of a lease.

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